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Highlights from 2016 User Survey

Here are some of the areas we need to work on in quotes

  • The website can be confusing unless you know what you are looking for. A section on the main page about impact would be very useful
  • The first new strategic aim appears to imply that Hackney CVS is moving away from its core role of supporting the voluntary sector and more into working directly with residents, which risks putting Hackney CVS in a position of competing with local VCS groups rather than supporting them
  • How can the voluntary sector input into delivering services and co-producing or collaborating with public services while not being reduced to ‘doing it on the cheap’?
  • What is lacking, and in the long term detrimental to the small grassroots Black and Minority Ethnic groups in Hackney is an umbrella organisation that is active in representing their democratic rights to the elected members of Hackney Council
  • I feel that Hackney CVS has let down the local VCS by failing to focus sufficiently on the need to build stronger links with the local authority and promote our capacity to deliver local services.

Please read our responses below, setting out what we will do to improve in these areas.

- Confused about what we do?

- Support for medium sized organisations

- Competing with the local sector

- Your worries about the future

- Working locally to champion the VCS and support disadvantaged communities

- Influencing and working with the public sector


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