Championing the diversity of  LGBT+ people in Hackney.

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Highlights from 2016 User Survey

Here are some highlights from this year’s survey

92% of respondents agree that Hackney CVS has a clear vision and aims.

We are really pleased to hear this. We spent a lot of time consulting with key stakeholders to develop our strategic plan 2016-2019. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can find it here:

92% of respondents agree that Hackney CVS is committed to equality and diversity. 62.6% of respondents definitely agree that Hackney CVS champions the needs of marginalized or vulnerable communities and 22.6% partly agree.

We are committed to working for a fairer Hackney. From supporting young black men to become community leaders on the Moving On Up Project, to the
anti-ageism work taking place with Connect Hackney – challenging discrimination and championing communities is key to our work. Read more:

75% agree that Hackney CVS supports small charities and community groups well and 67% agree that Hackney CVS support large charities and community groups well.

Supporting the sector is at the heart of what we do. From the support we provide through Delivering Change where we are helping 20 smaller groups a year to develop financial and monitoring skills, to the large levels of funding we distribute – we plan to give out around £2million in grants in 2016/17 - we remain enthusiastic about supporting and developing the sector. If there is more we should be doing, please tell us by contacting our CEO Jake Ferguson:

87% of you told us that Hackney CVS is an organisation you can trust.

We are a fair and transparent organisation. We recently published our Commissioning Principles guide to explain how we distribute funds and commission services. You can find it here: or contact the Director of City and Hackney Together, Rebecca Clarkson, for more information:

79% of readers find our weekly newsletter helpful

The Hackney CVS weekly newsletter is for and about the sector. If you have news you’d like to publish or feedback on the content– please send it to our communications officer Samson Osun:

72% of attendees say that Hackney CVS training has helped their organisation

This is great news, but we’d like to help more of you. If you have training needs that we aren’t meeting, please get in touch with our training co-ordinator Zebina Myrie:

Read the quotes from the survey that tell us we’re getting things right

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