Delivering Change – support for small community groups

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Delivering Change

Delivering Change is a year-long professional development package to support smaller non-profit groups. The programme helps groups deliver sustainable services to local residents, and teaches participants skills in monitoring, evaluating, measuring impact and managing finances.

Delivering Change aims to:

  • increase the monitoring and evaluation skills of groups
  • increase the use of impact reporting
  • improve participants financial skills
  • improve awareness amongst public sector commissioners of the capabilities and needs of front line organisations.

Support includes:

  • one to one surgeries, training, onsite support
  • organisational health checks and financial health checks.

Participants will:

  • recognise the role of monitoring and evaluation in learning and improving performance
  • increase their ability to design and implement monitoring and evaluation systems
  • implement an outcomes approach to better demonstrate social impact. 

What People are saying

‘As a result of attending Delivering Change, Creative Lifestyle have been successful in applying for funding and collaborating and working in partnership with other groups to deliver much needed services within our communities’

Oleander Agbetu, Founder of Creative Lifestyle